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by Hal Sanguinetti
                 elcome back to Arizona    weekend at Canyon, and then the    “We don’t have a green light from   motorcycles, as it’s been a very
                 ExtrEmE motorsports,      following week will be the annual   the State or County to hold the   rough past couple of years for
        WArizona’s only                    Old timer’s Invitational. A busy   event in March, because all large   motorcycle shops - especially if they
        motorsports publication.           month, for sure. AMX Motocross     events are still on hold. We made   didn’t carry a line of UTVs. Now,
          We need to remind all AMX        will resume on Sunday, march 7.    this decision now because we know   even top-of-the-line motocross bikes
        motocross racers that their age for                                   that traveling to Las Vegas and    are selling well, and we’ve seen a lot
        the year is determined on January   mInt 400 POStPOnEd                participating in the Mint is a major   of them at the track. Let’s hope this
        1 of each year. It does NOT change   The Mint 400 announced today     financial investment. By doing     trend continues, and you can help
        when you have a birthday, it’s set   that The Great American Off-Road   so, we are preserving the safety,   by prodding your friends to come
        on January 1st, period.            Race will move to Wednesday, Dec.   integrity, fun, and value of this   out and race.
          Our first two motocross races of   1 through Sunday, Dec. 5, 2021.   historic race for everyone involved.   That’s about it for this issue -
        the year went off in fine style, with   This is because of the inability   Everything will simply shift forward  however, I’ve restarted my old
        great weather and no significant   of the State of Nevada, Southern   to the fall.  If for some reason you   column “Off Mic,” which can be
        injuries, plus a lot of good racing.   Nevada Health District and COVID   can’t make the new dates we will   found elsewhere in this issue.
        Lots of new bikes (motocross bike   19 Mitigation Task Force to permit   issue you a refund, no problem,”   It’s where I can bitch and whine
        sales are up nationwide almost     large scale events in Clark County.   said Mint 400 Event Director Kilian   about things in our sport that
        40%), plenty of new riding gear    The new December dates were the    Hamlin.                            need bitching and whining about.
        (which sometimes makes it difficult   only available option.“The health   As I mentioned earlier,        Unfortunately, I didn’t properly
        for this old announcer to recognize   and safety of our racers, sponsors,   motorcycle,UTV and snowmobile   save the first version I wrote back on
        racers as they fly by) and best of   exhibitors, staff, and the public has   sales are up nationwide, in some   SuperBore Sunday so now I have to
        all, quite a few new riders to the   always been, and will always be, our  areas and markets, up almost   go back and rewrite it. {sigh}. Now .
        sport! As this is written, it’s the   number one priority,” said Mint 400   40%. This is very good for the   . . enjoy your paper, and see you at
        start of two weekends of WOrCS     Co-Owner and CEO Matt Martelli.    Powersports industry, especially   the races!  v
                                                      Ride In Peace

        Joel RobeRt                                                                                                          Mike bell

             he motorcycle racing world has been stunned by the passing of two      he other loss  hit much  closer to home,  as  mike  “too  tall” Bell
             greats in the past couple of months. First, the great Belgian World    was not only a standout American SX and MX racer, but a personal
        TChampion Joel robert passed at 78, in Gilly, Belgium. Joel was an  Tfriend. He was the 1980 AMA SX Champion and a hard charger who
        incredible rider with natural talent who seldom did any serious training,   was a threat everywhere he rode. Besides that, he was a genuinely nice guy.
        drank  the  night  before,  smoked  cigarettes  between  motos  and  kicked   I first met Mike at a big bucks MX in Madera, CA, where I went with my
        everyone’s butt, winning 5 World Championships. I had the incredibly good   shop’s #1 rider Val Tamietti. During the first moto, I stood trackside and
        fortune to interview Joel at one of Tom White’s after-Vet Championship   encouraged all the riders on. It was hotter than hell and very humid, and
                                          parties at his museum.  I welcomed   with a lake on the property, most riders peeled off their gear and jumped
                                          him  to  our  affair  and  thanked   in as quickly as possible. I went down to see Val and he was floating near
                                          him for coming, and he replied (I    Mike, who waved at me and asked who I was. I told him, and he replied by
                                          remember it vividly) “No Hal, it is I   thanking me for waving him on during the moto. He told me that seeing
                                          who should be thanking all of you - I   someone cheering for him like that gives him extra incentive to try harder.
                                          had no idea that anyone in America   Personable and outgoing, he was always a favorite with fans. We became
                                          now would know my name or what       friends, and later on he served as President of White Bros. His loss came
                                          I had done.” It was an amazing       after a heart attack while riding his mountain bike. Mike was 63 and will
                                          evening, and remains one of my two   be missed.  v
                                          best  interviews  (the  other  was  Bob
                                          Hannah).  v

        From L to R: Joel Robert, Hal, Roger DeCoster and leaning on bike Rex Staten.       Arizona EXTREME Motorsports Volume 11 – Issue 1 , 2021     7
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