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2021 Schedule
                     2021 Arizona State

                                                                                       First Half – Concurrent with E-Z Up Series
            Championship Series Rules

                                                                                                       January 10
          •  The  2021  Arizona  State  Championship  Series  will  be  an  8
              race format.                                                                             January 31

          •  Points will be accumulative - all 8 rounds count toward the                                 March 7
              championship. (No races drop)

          •  Racers may miss 1 state race (8 total), but the final race is                               April 18
              mandatory to remain eligible for series awards. Races will
              be held in conjunction with other series races.                                  Be sure to check out our

          •  Top 3 eligible racers will receive prizes.                                    websites for all the latest details!

          •  First Place: Free Practice and Racing for 2022, plus 6-foot
              trophy or glass award, and other prizes.                   or

          •  Second and Third Place: Free Practice for 2022, plus trophy
              or glass award, and other prizes.

          •  Beginner classes receive trophies, But are not eligiBle
              for free practice and free racing prizes.

          •  Prizes are non-transferable.

          •  Prizes are contingent on racer remaining in good standing
              with  AMX  and  participating  tracks.  suspensions and
              disqualifications forfeit all prizes!

          •  Racers Subject to AMX Rules as defined in 2021 AMX Rule

          •  E-Z Up & Grand Canyon Race Series: Racers must race all
              races to be eligible for series prizes. Three 3-month practice
              passes to be given away to eligible prize winners. (Current
              pass holders not eligible)


          State Championship Classes:

                  50cc 4-6                    Schoolboy
                  50cc 7-8                    250 Novice
                  50cc Open                   250 Intermediate
                  60cc 4-8                    250 Pro
                  60cc 9-11                   Open Novice
                  60cc Open                   Open Intermediate
                  80cc 7-11                   Open Pro
                  80cc 12-13                  Women Mini (65-85cc)
                  80cc 14-16                  Women Amateur
                  Supermini                   Vet Amateur
                  Mini Open                   Vet Novice
                  125cc Novice                Vet Intermediate
                  125cc Intermediate          Vet Master
                  125cc Open                  Vet Pro
                  150cc Open                  Vet Open

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