These rules and regulations are meant to govern AMX-sanctioned events. All participants are responsible for complying with these rules and regulations while at any AMX-sanctioned events. AMX reserves the right to amend or modify these rules as necessary to improve safety, competition, etc. These rules were made with safety, fairness and equal competition in mind.

Remember that motorcycle racing is dangerous, and it is the responsibility of each participant to evaluate the safety aspects and conditions of any racing facility, and to assume the risk of competition and the responsibility of their own actions.


  2. At any event sanctioned by AMX, all riders shall be in possession of a current, valid, properly graded AMX license, or may buy a 1-day pass for $15. The 1-day pass fee does not contribute to the purchase of the full year license unless license is purchased that same day.
  3. Riders may become AMX licensees by completing and signing an application for an AMX license and waiver, and paying the associated license fee. Annual renewal is conducted in the same manner.
  4. The Promoters or Stewards of any sanctioned event may refuse the entry of any rider, entrant, crew member or spectator for any reason.
  5. Requests for numbers are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. As applications for licenses are received, numbers will be assigned in the order they are received. AMX numbers are reserved for current members to reclaim for the coming calendar year upon receipt of a renewal application until December 1st, after which numbers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Numbers will not be reserved without accompanying payment.
  6. Minimum age to race is 4 years, at the time of competition.

50cc Beginner ‘A’: Any beginner on a PW50, Z50R, JR50 without performance enhancing equipment (motor mods, chassis or suspension improvements) ridden by a beginner rider.

50cc Beginner ‘B’: Any 50cc motorcycle with performance-enhancing equipment (chassis or suspension improvements such as a KTM, Cobra, King Cobra, Polini, Husky, LEM, Italjet, ATK, Metrakit, etc) ridden by a beginner rider.

50cc 4-6: Any non-beginner rider aged 4 through age 6 on a 50cc motorcycle.(Approved products: Cobra CM50, KTM SX50 Pro Jr., Italjet Fast Boy RCR, Polini X1 R, Cobra CX50, LEM LX2 Racer, Suz. JR 50, HUS-CR50JR, Yam PW50 Only)

50cc 7-8: Any non-beginner rider aged 7 through 8 on a 50cc motorcycle.(Approved Products: Cobra 50 King, KTM50 SR LC, KTM SX50 Pro Sr., Metra Kit MKX50, LEM LX3 Racer, LEM R3, Cobra King, Polini X3R or any products approved for 50cc 4-6 classes)

Stock classes engine displacement is 51cc maximum with overbore allowed only to those overbore size pistons specified by original manufacturer of that particular model bike and engine. Oil injection may be disconnected on PW50. Foot or hand brakes may be used on both Stk. and open bikes. All peewees must use a centrifugal clutch.

50cc Open: Any rider between ages 4 and 9 on a 50cc motorcycle with following specs:

  1. Maximum engine displacement is 61cc for 2-stroke, 90cc for 4-stroke.
  2. Engine modification open.
  3. Must use original engine type lower end and cylinder. Single speed transmission only.
  4. Overall length limited to 42” measured from axle to axle centers.
  5. Suspension modification open. Handlebar width not to exceed 30”.
  6. Riders in open class allowed thru age 9.
  7. Cobra PRC LX-RR allowed

NOTE: 12” front rim, tire size 2.75 x 12” max allowed on Age 7-8, 50cc Open class only.

65cc Beginner: Any beginner rider under age 12 riding a 65cc motorcycle.

65cc 6-8: Any non-beginner rider through age 8 on a 65cc motorcycle.

65cc 9-11: Any non-beginner rider aged 9 through 11 on a 65cc motorcycle.

65cc Open: Any rider under age 12 on a 65cc motorcycle meeting the following specs:

1) No shortened or lowered frames or shortened swing arms allowed.

2) Modification of the original frame and swing arm are allowed for the purpose of performance, safety, or added strength.

3) Must utilize the original engine type lower end and cylinder from the bike model being modified.

4) You cannot assemble a KAW engine into a KTM frame or other similar combination.

5) Change of head, clutch, carburetion, exhaust system, ignition, sprockets, and suspension is optional.


85cc Beginner : Any  beginner rider of the lowest skill level under age 17 on an 85cc-class minicycle. This class includes the so-called “Big Wheel” 85cc-class minicycles. (150cc Big Wheels ok) 100cc 4-Strokes also included in this category.

85cc 7-11: Any non-beginner rider through age 11 on an 85cc-class minicycle (No big wheels)

85cc 12-13: Any non-beginner rider aged 12 through 13 on an 85cc-class minicycle. (No big wheels)

85cc 14-16: Any non-beginner rider aged 14 through 16 on an 85cc-class minicycle. (No big wheels)

Supermini: Any rider under age 17 on a legal “Supermini” minicycle; see Classification section as to description of legal “Supermini” minicycle.


Mini Open: Any rider under age 17 on any beginner or age-legal 65cc or 85cc machine. No Supermini-legal machines are allowed. (No Big Wheels)

150cc: Beginner: Any beginner on a 150cc motorcycle. Big wheels permitted.

150cc Open: Any rider on a 150cc motorcycle. Big Wheels permitted.

250 Beginner: Any Beginner rider on a 250-class legal motorcycle.

250 Novice: Any Novice rider on a 250-class legal motorcycle.

250 Intermediate: Any Intermediate rider on a 250-class legal motorcycle.

250 Pro: Any Pro rider (as determined by the AMX Competition Committee) on a 250-class legal motorcycle.

Open Beginner: Any Beginner on an Open-class legal motorcycle.

Open Novice: Any Novice on an Open-class legal motorcycle.

Open Intermediate: Any Intermediate on an Open-class motorcycle.

Open Pro: Any Pro on an Open-class legal motorcycle.

125 2-Stroke (Beg, Nov, Int): Any rider on a 125cc 2-stroke motorcycle within his current ability level.

Vet Amateur: Any beginner skill level rider at least 30 years old on a full sized motorcycle.

Vet Novice: Any novice skill level rider at least 30 years old on a full sized motorcycle.

Vet Intermediate: Any intermediate skill level rider at least 30 years old on a full sized motorcycle.

Vet Pro: Any pro level rider at least 30 years old on a full sized motorcycle.

Vet Open: Any rider aged 30 & older on any full-sized motorcycle, any skill level, including pros.

Schoolboy: Any non-pro rider aged 12-17 on a 125 2-Stroke, 250 4-Stroke, or 250 2-Stroke cc motorcycle.

Big Bike Open: Any rider on a full-sized motorcycle, including pros.

Women PeeWee: Any female rider on a 50cc motorcycle.

Women Mini: Any female rider on a 65cc-85cc minicycle, with a maximum wheel size of 17” at either end. No big wheels allowed.

Women Amateur: Any female rider on a 150cc or larger motorcycle. Big wheels and 150RE allowed.

NOTE: Riders who wish to ride 250/Open/ Vet Pro must be evaluated and approved by the AMX Competition Committee prior to entering a Pro race.

  2. Riders cannot enter a lower class with AMX if they have previously entered a higher class level with another organization or promoter.
  3. Two riders constitutes a class. If there are not at least two riders, entrants will receive Series points, but will not receive awards/trophies for the day.
  4. Once a rider has been moved out of a Beginner class, that rider can never ride Beginner again, with one exception: AMX allows minicycle riders to move up from cc age class groups to the next larger cc size Beginner class.
  5. Technical Descriptions regarding classes are as follows:
  6. A 50cc/PeeWee bike is limited to 51cc 2-Stroke maximum, and a 90cc 4-Stroke Maximum and a 10” rear wheel size and a 12” front wheel size, with no distinction between stock and modified. You may not sleeve a 60cc-class bike down to make a PeeWee-class bike.
  7. A 65cc bike is limited to 65cc 2-Stroke and 110cc 4-Stroke maximum. No overbore or stroking allowed that will exceed class limits. Wheel size is limited to 12” minimum and 14” maximum. Must function thru a multiple speed gear box. Handlebar not to exceed 30”. Wheel base not to exceed 47” from axle to axle centers.
  8. An 85cc bike is limited to 85cc 2-stroke OR 150cc 4-stroke, or 100cc 4-Stroke. Cannot exceed class cc limit. No overbore or stroking allowed that will exceed the class cc limit. Wheel size must be 14” minimum to 17” maximum. Handlebar cannot exceed 33”. Maximum length is 52” axle to axle centers.
  9. A Supermini is a minicycle with 85cc-112cc maximum engine displacement (2-stroke) OR 150cc 4-stroke including big wheels. . Maximum rim size is 19” on front and minimum 16” on rear. Overall wheelbase cannot exceed 56” from axle to axle. Supermini class is thru age 16. (non-Pro) The 85cc small wheel minis may compete in the Supermini class and are allowed to increase engine displacement to within the 112cc limit.
  10. A Mini Open is a minicycle of either 65cc or 85cc. (Excluding Superminis or Big Wheels)
  11. A 125 bike is any 2-stroke motorcycle with a displacement of 0-125cc. and at least one wheel with a minimum 17″ wheel size.
  12. A 150cc is any 150cc 4-Stroke Motorcycle. No Big Wheels Maximum engine displacement cannot exceed 150cc. Max rim size 17” on front and minimum 14” on rear. Maximum length for 150 4 Strokes is 52” axle to axle. The 150 4-Strokes class age limit is 16 years old – non-pro. The Hon 150R may compete. The 150RE (Expert) may only compete in Supermini.
  13. A 250 bike is any motorcycle with a displacement of 0-250cc 2 or 4 stroke and a minimum 18” rear wheel.
  14. Open bikes are any displacement over 150cc, including 250cc eligible bikes and 450cc 4 stroke motorcycles.

Note: Four-stroke engines in “size” classes MUST be stock bore and stroke.

  2. AMX may require a birth certificate or valid driver’s license to confirm the age of a rider. A copy of a birth certificate must be a certified copy.
  3. A rider’s age is determined by their age on January 1st of each year. Riders competing in the Arizona State Championship Series will retain their age ranking as of January 1 for the entire Series. Riders must finish the series in the same classification they start in.
  4. A Vet-class rider 30 and older may ride in a class lower than his normal age group class. Example: A Vet Intermediate rider may ride in a Novice class that is determined by engine size. The exclusion is that one may not move lower than Novice (once you are moved up from Beginner, you can never go back). A Vet Novice must ride in a Novice class. Vet Pros are also excluded from this rule. You must also ride in the highest engine displacement designated class that you.ve ridden in the past. Example: A Vet Intermediate who has ridden 250 Int in the past cannot move down to 250 Novice. Also see Class Advancement, paragraph, G.
  5. A rider moving up through the minicycle ranks is allowed to move from a minicycle age group class to the next larger cc Beginner class. For example: a rider moving from an 85cc age group may move to a full size Beginner class. At that time, the rider will be judged by the AMX referee and/or the AMX competition committee on their riding ability, and any adjustments will be made based on their performance and level of competition. This rule is designed to allow a rider whose physical size is growing faster than his riding ability to compete with riders of similar ability.
  7. Riders will be judged ready to advance based on a points system. Riders may also be judged based on their performance by the AMX referee, race Steward and race Promoter.
  8. Move-up points will be accrued over the year, January to December. Moveup point requirements are as follows:

Beg to Nov: 12 points or two first-places finished with 6 or more entries.

Nov to Int: 24 Points

85cc Beg to Age is now 12 points or two first place finishes with 6 or more riders.

Moveup points will be awarded as follows:

1st overall receives 4 points

2nd overall receives 3 points

3rd overall receives 2 points

4th overall receives 1 point Classes with less than 6 riders receive no move-up points.

C: Move-up points are retained by a rider at the end of each calendar year if they have received at least two-thirds (2/3) of the total points required for moveup (9 points for Beginners, 16 points by Novices). All points are dropped by riders amassing less than these totals so that, for these riders, the new year is started with zero moveup points.

  1. Riders upgraded by another promoter, club or sanctioning body before earning sufficient moveup points with AMX must notify AMX, and submit their AMX license for upgrade as soon as possible. Riders will be required to compete in the upgraded class(es) immediately when moved up with other groups.
  2. Riders moving up during a series will be allowed to take points to the upgraded class, but points are not to exceed five (5) points behind 3rd place.

F: All move-ups will also be at the discretion of the AMX Board of Directors and the Competition committee. Every effort will be made to maintain riders riding in classes with riders of equal ability. Our goal is to keep the Beginner class for Beginners; Novice class for Novices, Intermediate class for Intermediates. The Stewards of an AMX-sanctioned event retain the right to upgrade a rider according to their ability. This rating will be in effect for future events.

  1. Any rider may contest their riding classification by submitting a resume and other proof of their motocross racing ability to the Competition Committee. The committee is empowered to make a ruling regarding classification.
  2. Riders submitting an application for membership shall sign up to ride in the highest classification that they have participated in the past. Riders without a racing history shall sign up as Beginners.
  3. Riders who wish to ride Pro must ride Intermediate first, and then be evaluated and approved by the AMX Competition Committee prior to entering a Pro race. (Exception: current AMA Pro riders with license).
  5. Clerical
  6. No fees are associated with submitting a clerical protest.
  7. All protests regarding rider classification, conduct on the track and scoring must be submitted to the Scoring Supervisor in writing. Protests will be forwarded to the Referee of the Event, who will work through the problem with the appropriate track personnel and sanctioning officials.
  8. All protests (including scoring issues) must be submitted in writing to scoring officials not more than 30 minutes after the last rider has taken the checkered flag in the moto where the alleged infraction has taken place.
  9. Protests may only be submitted by a rider concurrently entered in the class of the rider under protest, except in the case of injury of that rider initiating the protest.
  10. Series points disputes must be submitted in writing to the scoring administrator within 30 days of the event.
  11. Do not approach the events scorers for any reason while they are scoring. Please go to the tower or AMX office trailer and turn in your written protest to the attending personnel.
  12. Technical
  13. All protests regarding engine displacement and illegal modifications must be submitted to the Scoring Supervisor in writing within 30 minutes of the last rider in the class having received the checkered flag.
  14. Technical protests become official only upon payment of $250 in cash protest fee to the Scoring officials. If the protest is found to be valid, $200 of the fee will be returned (there is a $50 administrative fee on all Technical protests). If the protest is determined to be invalid, the $200 will go to the protested rider.
  15. If the protest requires a teardown of an engine, AMX officials or their designated appointees will make the teardown and ruling.
  16. If it is not possible to make a determination immediately, the Stewards may permit the contested rider and motorcycle to compete, but any awards, points, and/or monies will be withheld pending a decision on the protest.
  17. The protested motorcycle may not be dismantled until the competition of the final moto that it is legally entered in. However, it may be impounded between motos by the track officials.
  18. AMX reserves the right, under promoter’s option, to request proof of legality of any rider and/or machine under these rules.
  20. To properly enter a class, each rider must read, complete and sign an AMX Race Entry Form, and if the rider is under 18, a Minor Release must be signed in the presence of Signup Officials by a parent or guardian and the participant.
  21. Entries must be submitted to the Signup Officials before the start of practice for that day’s event. At the promoter’s discretion, a $5.00 late signup fee may be assessed to riders entering a class after the start of practice.
  22. Final results will be tabulated from the two motos as is customary at participating race tracks. In cases of extreme weather or other conditions which present the completion of the full race program, overall results will be tabulated from the one moto as scored by the Promoter and Stewards.
  23. Unless otherwise specified, the Olympic scoring system will be used. It operates as follows;
  24. Riders earn points in each moto according to their finishing position.
  25. Points awarded for each moto finish shall be 1 point for first, 2 points for second, and 3 points for third, etc. The points for each moto will be added together, and the rider accumulating the least number of points will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the rider with the highest second moto finish will be declared the winner.
  26. Any rider not completing the moto on the checkered flag lap will be scored as a DNF (did not finish), and will receive points corresponding to the total number of riders scored in the moto plus 2 points. It is scored as DNF/__ points. A rider must cross the finish line in contact with his machine on the checkered flag lap to be scored as finishing.
  27. Any rider not starting a moto will receive points corresponding to the total number of riders starting the moto plus 3 points. It is scored as DNR/__ points. Rider must cross the finish line at least once in contact with his machine to be on the score sheet so as to be deemed as starting the moto.
  28. Rider must complete one (1) lap of one (1) moto to get series points.
  29. When the leader receives the checkered flag, the race will be considered complete and all riders will be credited for positions and laps completed on this final lap. No rider will be allowed to make up any lost laps after the checked flag is displayed.
  31. Series Points will be awarded as follows:
  32. Points will be awarded based on the overall position scored per each race entered. Points will be tallied shortly after each event and posted at the next event. Each rider is also responsible for keeping their score; any discrepancies must be filed within 30 minutes of the finish of an event.
  33. The final round will be advertised in flyers and the AMX News paper; it could be a single-day event or a two-day event.
  34. Points will be issued using the system listed below. At the end of the series, the rider with the most points will be declared the winner.
  35. In case of tie, the racer with the most wins will be declared the winner. If still a tie, then the most 2nd place, etc.

Finishing Position Points

1 41     19 17          35 & Up 1 point

2 38     20 16

3 36     21 15

4 34     22 14

6 30     23 13

7 29     24 12

9 27     25 11

10 26     26 10

11 25     27 9

12 24     28 8

13 23     29 7

14 22     30 6

15 21     31 5

16 20     32 4

17 19     33 3

18 18     34 2

  2. Standard penalties will be administered for infractions of the rules. All others will be individually considered by the Race Steward, Promoters & AMX officials.
  3. Riders may not jump the start, back off the start gate or have someone push them off the gate. The rider will be penalized one lap; if repeated violations occur, disqualification may be assessed.
  4. Any rider leaving the course for any reason during a moto must return to the track safely, without bettering their position or endangering other riders, workers, spectators or officials. Penalty may be one lap removed or disqualification at the discretion of the Race Officials and/or Promoter, depending on the circumstances.
  5. Riders passing, jumping, racing through a yellow flag zone or otherwise ignoring a displayed yellow caution flag will be penalized at the discretion of the Race Officials and Promoters. Penalties may include loss of position, loss of laps, disqualification, etc.
  6. During any practice session, heat or race, it is expressly forbidden to ride or push any motorcycle – for any reason – in the reverse direction of the track.
  7. If, during the starting/drop-of-the-gate procedure, your bike is not ready to go, you may get the starter’s attention and there will be one (1) two-minute hold on the race to get ready. There is only one (1) hold per moto, regardless of what gate you are on; the starter will hold the race only once. It is your responsibility to get the starter’s attention to request the two-minute hold.
  8. Racer must finish the moto on the machine he started the moto riding. You may not switch machines during the moto because of mechanical failure. Any participant switching machines will not be scored as riding the moto, specifically DNR. You may ride a different bike for the second moto, however, providing it is legal for the class entered.
  9. Racer must have numbers on their motorcycles – preferably white numbers on black backgrounds, or black numbers on white backgrounds. Racer may be disqualified if head scorer deems numbers to be unreadable or unacceptable.
  11. All riders are responsible for the conduct of their parents, pit crew and guests, in addition to themselves. Indefinite suspension may be levied against any rider showing bad conduct on or off the course at any event. A penalty may also be levied against a rider for the actions of his parents, pit crew or guests. Any prizes or awards earned may be forfeited as a result of the suspension.
  12. Pit riding is allowed to and from the race course – 1st gear only. Helmets must be worn on all moving motorcycles at all times.
  13. Riders are not allowed to consume any alcoholic beverage before practice, heat or racing. Riders are also responsible for the actions and conduct of parents, pit crew and guests in regards to alcohol.
  14. No one will be allowed into the race track area at any time except: 50cc riders – a maximum of 2 parents or guardians. No parents on the track if 50 open is combined with 60 open
  15. There is a designated pit board area for pit crews to communicate with their rider. Only those with a Mechanic’s pass will be allowed in the designated area. By purchasing the pass, the mechanic waives all responsibility of the track, promoter, or AMX to protect him/her, understanding that the area is hazardous, and that motorcycles may leave the course and enter that area at any time.
  16. AMX officials are not responsible to locate riders for their events. THE RIDER MUST BE AT THE STARTING LINE FOR HIS/HER EVENT.
  17. AMX Officials will not be responsible for occurrence of back-to-back motos for a rider who enters multiple events, especially if rider registers after the race order has been posted. The rider’s representative must notify race officials of that occurrence, and will be available at the start area for consultation.


  1. All flag signals must be obeyed immediately by all involved or concerned riders. A rider who disregards any flag signal may be penalized.
  2. Each respective flag signal shall designate the corresponding condition:

Green: Start of a race

Green (displayed): All clear, continue

Yellow: Slow down, proceed with caution. There shall be no racing through the yellow flag zone. Speed shall be what is reasonable and prudent as judged by the track officials. Safety is the utmost concern; no rider shall endanger another rider or track worker in a yellow section. Slow means slow enough to maintain total control, being able to stop immediately, and vehicle never leaving the ground. (No jumping!) No rider may gain an advantage over other riders in a yellow flag section.

Red: All riders must stop. Track officials will direct you if there will be a restart. The red flag will be displayed if more than half the class falls in the first turn. If a rider falls, is on the race course and cannot be moved, the Promoter can display a medical red flag to ensure the safety of the rider, other riders and race officials. If a rider causes a medical red flag, he will not be allowed to restart the moto.

Black: Individual rider must stop and see track officials for further instructions.

White: Last lap (this is a courtesy flag, not mandatory)

Black & White Checkers: End of race for all riders in all classes. Exit the race track after passing the finish line. (Lapped riders DO NOT continue!)

Only track officials are permitted to use these flags; no other flag signals are permitted.


  1. All vehicles must conform to rules as outlined in available classes.
  2. Any tire must have continuous tread pattern around the entire circumference; no paddle tires.
  3. At least one efficient brake per wheel shall be fitted.
  4. Riders must be wearing helmet, goggles, over-the-ankle boots, long pants, gloves and a long-sleeve shirt as they enter the race course. If, during the course of the moto the rider decides that his goggles are too dirty to see safely, no penalty will be assessed for that moto. This is strongly not recommended for safety reasons; be prepared with ample tear offs. The rider assumes all responsibility for his actions regarding safety gear, and the condition of his gear and machine.
  5. During the racing motos, communication between rider and crew shall be with pit board and hand signals only; no radios are permitted.

AMX pays a guaranteed per-moto cash payback to Pro riders, under the following schedule. There must be a minimum of three (3) riders in a class for any Pro payback. All paybacks are paid per moto. 2 Riders – No Payout – No Refund of entry – Points are awarded. All Pros are responsible for changing class or withdrawing for a rain check if not enough entries to pay and no points are desired. Pro Payback is figured on a minimum of 150% payback, based on a $50 per rider sign-up fee. Pro payback is 50% of class. Vet Pro classes are 100% Payback figured on $50 sign-up. AMX officials are not responsible to notify pros of any changes or class withdrawals.




AMX Racetracks Hotlines

Canyon MX, Peoria, Az. 480-294-4467

Contact AMX:

E-Mail: kppj@msn.com